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Invest in Dairy Products

We are based in Larnaca, and we ve been producing dairy products like sheep yogurt, cow yogurt, strained yogurt, halloumi and anari for 38 years. Continuing its steady ascendancy, today it has established itself as one of the most important names in the field. In particular, we
supply HO.RE.CA & RETAIL customers. Our experienced, highly trained staff closely monitors developments in the field and is continuously redeployed to be able to
provide modern, innovative products. Combining high quality and direct, friendly service with competitive prices.

Keeping business tactics

We adopt a sincere, clear and honest client approach.

We ensure consistency in our financial commitments and obligations towards our suppliers.

We manage every possible dissatisfaction in the near future to find a satisfactory solution.


Our leadership development approach is unique, our leadership team reflects a group of different individuals with wide knowledge and depth of experience.

Main targets

We aim to maintain a high level of quality of our products and services, further development through new technology applications and expand our clientele in a healthy competitive environment.

Corporate Values

Our company started as a family business and its character has remained unchanged over time. Our personal contact with each of our clients makes communication
straightforward and effective, intimate and friendly.


Get In Touch

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us where our support specialists can help you out.

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EvaMia Investment Ltd.

We strive for the sustainable development of all our activities, demonstrating our competitive strengths and corporate value. Global diversification, reducing the
complexity of processes and added value creation, are the most important levers of sustained improvement that come to enhance the robustness of our financial results.

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